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A short story about silverfish

Domo-kunHere’s a short comic-book script that never found a home, written several years ago on some idle afternoon. I originally sent this off to the editor at Orang Utan Comics, who agreed to supply an artist and add it to his yearly anthology. Neither happened, in the end, for reasons I can’t really remember.

I wanted to write something humorous, at the time. A short sketch with some bathos in it… a sudden switch from the exalted to the commonplace. I had just returned from visiting my parents, who live in an old Edwardian house with a ground-floor toilet that’s particularly dark and damp. Inside that chilly bathroom, I’d switched on the light and watched as dozens of small, shiny silverfish scuttled in terror back to the shadows. Another light had suddenly switched itself on inside my head: I’d been given an idea.

This silly story is called “The Charge of the Silverfish” and will probably take you about two minutes to read. I envisioned the silverfish as tubular little creatures with gnashing teeth – kind of like a cross between the Hattifatteners (from The Moomins) and a snarling Domo-kun doll.

The script can be found here: The Charge of the Silverfish_Script_R Norris

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