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a script for travis the chimp

Travis The ChimpI came across a truly awful story on the internet, once, about Travis the chimpanzee. I won’t go into any details about the reason for his fame – you can learn all about it on Wikipedia. It makes for some seriously gruesome reading, though… and for many weeks after I first came across this info, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I was writing lots of comic book scripts at the time and felt I had to somehow incorporate this shocking material into my work.

In the end I wrote a six-page script focusing on Travis the chimp, with FutureQuake Press in mind as the publisher. I was happy with the story once I got it down on the page – but I always had misgivings about the ending. FutureQuake tend to prefer a “twist in the tale” and I struggled, for a while, to think of a suitable twist that would work with the story I was trying to tell. What I came up with wasn’t 100% right and, in hindsight, it feels forced… like I’ve tacked it onto the end just to get a reaction. FutureQuake agreed, once they’d read the script – and decided to pass on it.

My script, “An Unconventional Pet”, can be found here: An Unconventional Pet_Script_R Norris

What do you think of the ending? Any ideas on how to fix it are welcome!