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A spec script for Scooby Doo

Whenever I can, I try to write comic book scripts. I first started doing this in 2009 when I had a short story accepted by Insomnia, a small independent press that very briefly took the UK graphic novel scene by storm (and then went spectacularly bust).

The good thing about short comics, though – we’re talking 6 to 12 pages long – is that it’s normally quite easy to find them a new home, typically within a “new writing” anthology. The bad thing about comics in general, though, is that it’s notoriously difficult to find an artist who is a) good, b) available to work on your script, c) reliable enough to see the job through and d) willing to work for free. Most comic writers/artists in the UK generally do what they do because they love the medium and not because it delivers a paycheque. Very few people are actually paid to produce comics and this can cause problems when you want to secure an artist who’ll work for free but (to put it nicely) is “better than amateur”.

The solution to this problem? Exit the indie scene and target the mainstream, where those fabled few who earn a living from comics can be found. Large publishers like Panini UK have a pool of professional illustrators, from which they can choose artists to team up with writers. Panini, more specifically, encourage submissions from newbies… but they’ll only consider work based on their existing licensed characters e.g. Doctor Who, Spider-Man and Looney Tunes. I decided to write a 12-page spec script for Scooby Doo, having grown up with the cartoon franchise on TV. I put together a story called “The Centurion’s Curse” and sent it off to the editorial team.

Panini never got back to me on it, but I’m still proud of this script. I’d like to think that it might open the doorway to a commission in the future. Have a read if you’re a Scooby Doo fan or even if you’re just interested in seeing how a comic book script looks on the page.

The full story is here: Scooby-Doo_Spec Script_R Norris

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